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Best Baby Products for the 1st Year

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Once you find out that you’re having a baby, you start thinking about all the things you need to buy. In addition, you also think about all the things you want to buy. A lot of the things you end up buying for baby might not be used for that long or baby doesn’t like it. Please read about my list of best baby products for the 1st year first to help decide on what you really need for baby.

I’ve had 2 babies and luckily I was able to still used some baby products from my first baby even though there was 8 year gap between them.

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  • Co-sleeper that attaches to your side of bed. I had a c-section with both kids so having co-sleeper next to me was very helpful and made night feedings a lot easier as well. Due to my surgery, it wasn’t advised that I got in and out of bed often to irritate my incision area. The co-sleeper was also a safer alternative to have baby sleeping with you on your bed. The first few weeks are the most exhausting so you want to make sure baby has his/her own sleeping area so both can sleep better. We used the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper which can also be transformed to a play yard once baby outgrows. The one below is a similar one to the one we used. Amazon doesn’t have the one we used available anymore. BabyWombWorld Premium 2-in-1 Baby Bed Bedside Sleeper & Portable Crib Cot.
  • Pack n Play can be used from newborn up until baby reaches 35″ tall or 30lbs whichever comes first. We had the option with the napper and changing table with second baby which worked awesome this time around. We set up the Graco Pack n Play in our living room. We used the changing table for diaper changes throughout the day, and sometimes overnight too. The reverse side of the changing table was the napper which we did use in the first few weeks for baby’s nap during the day. The napper can be used until baby is up to 14lbs. Once baby got a little older, we removed the changing table/napper and baby slept there for naps on second level. Then once again when baby started rolling around we lowered the mat to the bottom. That option is for baby to play in while I got some things done around the house. It is a safe space for baby to be since baby can’t climb out. We also use that to place baby inside for naps in the day as well.
  • Swaddle for naps in the first few months before baby is able to roll over. The Swaddle Me which has velcro to secure baby’s arms tightly is our favorite swaddle. Both kids seem to break out of a regular swaddle blanket. The Swaddle Me works well so that baby doesn’t break free and startle themselves awake.
  • Sleep n play outfits are best for sleeping at night. They are easier for night diaper changes. Use the ones that don’t have buttons all the way down. You do not want to deal with buttons for night diaper changes especially when your changing baby’s diaper in the dark. Go with the zipper ones for nice and easy diaper changes.
  • Baby Swing, we had the Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing and loved it. It didn’t take much space at all. Baby loved the swinging motion and music that came with it. Baby even took some naps on it while the swing was in motion.
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“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

More best baby products for the 1st year…


  • Bottles for expressed breast milk or formula. We had lots of bottles, the ones that came with the breast pumps and from the hospital. Once, I stopped pumping and switched over to just formula we used differ nt bottles. We also used Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard, and Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature. We liked all those brands since they claim to be most likemu feeding from the breast. Luckily, both kids didn’t have gas to colic so they were fine with these bottles. The one thing I totally was oblivious the first time around was the size of the nipples. I didn’t realized you need to buy different size flow when baby gets older so they get more milk output out. So, remember to change out the nipples every 3 months or so if needed or if you see the nipples are rip in any way.
  • Double Electric Pump is a life saver when you need to express milk for your baby that doesn’t nurse well. My insurance gave me the Ameda brand and it worked great for the first couple months. But the better brand would have to be the Medela breast pump in my opinion. The most important thing to make your breast pump work better and without any pain is to make sure the flange size is correct for your nipples. I suffered in pain in the beginning of each pump session until I got the right size flange for my nipples. The correct size not only makes pumping less painful but also will express more milk out. Please read my post on breast pumping if you need more tips.
  • Haakaa Manual Pump was a lifesaver for the first day home from hospital because my electric pump hasn’t been delivered yet. It is also very good at collecting milk from the other breast when baby is nursing on one side. With my son I wore a breast pad on the other breast and that wasted the breast milk. I was able to collected at least 3-4oz each nursing session of extra milk just from using it while my daughter nursed on the other breast. It can also be used to help relieve a clogged duct in your breast as well.
  • Bobby Pillow is most helpful when nursing or feeding baby with a bottle. It also is able to relieve pressure on my c-section incision by laying baby on pillow for feedings. I also used my Boppy pillow when I was using my pump to express milk. We also used the pillow for baby’s nap so her head is elevated.
  • Portable Folding Booster Seat we use the Summer Deluxe brand for both kids. Instead of buying a separate high chair for feeding baby at home, we decided on the portable version. It is perfect to strap to any dining chair at home that you already have. You can also take it with you wherever you go and need to put baby in it to eat table food.
  • Baby Food Tray for freezing baby food. Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Molds Tray with Lids are great at freezing baby food. I made my son’s baby food back then as well and used trays with lids too. I would make huge batch of baby food at once then transfer into the trays to freeze. When it was time for feeding baby, I would pop out a couple cubes to warm up for baby. –


  • Activity Jumper works great to entertain baby while you can get some chores around the house done. Sometimes I put baby in it so I can cook, wash dishes, or just to use the bathroom. The lights and sound gets baby excited when baby is younger. Once baby is a little older they will enjoy jumping and bouncing. We have the Baby Einstein model of activity jumper at home this time around. We had a jungle theme with our first baby and knew this baby would also love it.
  • Activity Gym entertains newborns on the floor with you playing aside them. But once they start rolling over, it’s hard keeping them there on the mat. But you can still use it for up to 4-5 months.


  • Travel System for baby, we have the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System which is awesome. I love that you can use the travel system in so many different ways. One of my favorite option to transport baby was the the bassinet option. My daughter loved traveling with the bassinet, she was able to sit up and see everything and when she was hungry or tired I can lay her down while out like a travel crib.
baby in bassinet stroller
  • Baby Carrier such as the Ergobaby Carrier or the Baby K’tan style carrier. I love them both for different trips. I like the Ergobaby carrier for when baby is older and baby was more freedom with it. With the Baby K’tan, I like it for when baby is smaller and can fall asleep comfortably tucked inside. The arms are also tucked inside as well which I like to keep baby warm.
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  • Baby Car Mirror Backseat gives me the comfort of seeing my baby in her car seat while traveling. Luckily for me, both kids are good in car rides.
  • Diaper bag such as a backpack diaper bag are so much more convenient for on the go. I had the regular style diaper bags with my first baby back then and it wasn’t practical juggling it on one shoulder. This time around I got a diaper backpack and it is so much better.

Bath Time

  • Bath tub for baby makes bath time so much for manageable. We got one from our baby shower for the newborn stages then we got a different one to use in our bath tub. Baby loved bath time thankfully. Summer Deluxe Baby Bather we used when baby was a newborn and could place in our kitchen sink for bathing. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub we started using as soon as baby was about 3 months old.
  • Shampoo Rinse Cup works so well in keeping water from pouring down baby’s face when you wash their hair. My son use to hate it when I would rinse shampoo from his head. I didn’t have this cup with him and now I do with my daughter.
  • Baby Hooded Bath Towels are awesome and so very cute for babies. I like that they are light material and the hood dries up baby’s hair so quickly.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

Skin Treatments

  • Petroleum Jelly such as Vaseline is used all the time for both my kids. Both kids have eczema and dry skin so we used Vaseline all the time. Moisturizer cream then Vaseline is the regime to keep baby’s skin from getting too dry. I used moisturizer cream that are good for eczema relief as well. I also used Vaseline during diaper changes to keep baby from getting any diaper rash as well.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. i personally used the Aveeno bottles and still have Vaseline handy at home all times, and a diaper-bag is a life-saver!

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