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17 Best Parenting Hacks for Newborns

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17 Best Parenting Hacks for Newborns

Congratulations on Motherhood!

You are now a mommy, congrats! You are responsible for a new human being, yay! Easy, right? Wrong! I’ve had 2 babies and most recently less than a year ago so I am telling you about the 17 best parenting hacks for newborns.

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There are many challenges in caring for a new baby. There are some for sure things that baby will do (cry, feed, poop, and sleep) repeat. Trying to figure out why your baby is crying will be a learning curve, but you will eventually get the cues and understand them more with each day that goes by.

When your newborn cries, they are either hungry, need a diaper change, or want you to hold them for comfort. Just try not to hold them all the time because they can be more attached to you then you won’t be able to do anything.

Newborn stages

17 Best Parenting Hacks for Newborns

1. Hunger cues

Newborn- This might be the easiest to figure out since they tend to turn their cheek to one side looking for milk. They get hungry fairly soon since they are only consuming little amounts of milk at each feeding since they’re stomach is still very tiny. Once they get a little bigger they will get hungry within maybe 3 hours between feedings as oppose to 1-2 hours.

2. Swaddle

Swaddle your newborn, tighter the better. This will make your baby feel like they’re still inside your womb. The swaddle comforts your baby and makes them feel more relaxed. They also love it more when you hold them tight in your arms for warmth as well. My favorite kind of swaddle had velcro tabs on them. My son always broke out of the regular swaddle blankets so we loved the ones with velcro the most.

3. Pacifiers

These have been lifesaver for both my babies. Luckily they both found comfort in one. I know some babies don’t like them but thankfully mine did! My favorite pacifier brand has to be MAM, the best one being the glow in the dark ones. They are so useful in the middle of the night. I usually leave 2-3 glow in the dark pacifiers in baby’s bed and will be able to grab it easily when baby wakes up crying.

4. Co-sleeper

For the first few months, we used the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for baby to sleep next to my side of the bed. It is super convenient as I had a c-section for both my babies and couldn’t get out of bed often while healing.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

5. Diaper Changes

Always place a new clean diaper under the baby’s bottom so once you remove the dirty diaper you will have the new one ready. Put the used wipes inside dirty diaper and roll diaper from bottom to top and use the velcro to seal diaper into a ball.

6. Roll Onesie Over Baby’s Arms During Diaper Changes

I saw this trick on Pinterest and was blown away. I only recently saw this and used it with my second baby and it worked like a charm. Even my husband was amazed how it worked to keep baby’s arms away from touching their dirty diaper.

baby's arms are rolled up in oneie

7. Carry Scented Poop Bags in Diaper Bag

I always have a roll of Munchkin Arm & Hammer diaper bags in my diaper backpack for those times when you have to change baby’s diaper and there’s not trash can in site. Also, very useful for those times when baby has a diaper blow out, you can place soiled clothes in those bags as well and tie it up until you get home.

I also have the multi pack of 6 home use as well. I have it next to both diaper changing stations at home as well so those bad diaper blow outs. I place those really dirty diapers in those bags then into the diaper pail.

8. Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly during diaper changes to prevent diaper rashes. The petroleum jelly provides a barrier so moisture doesn’t stay around. It is also very useful for dry skin treatment in addition to cream/lotion. My kids both had/have eczema and so I use lots of petroleum jelly all day every day.

9. Pacifier storage

I put the pacifiers in snack size food containers with lid for travel in my diaper bag. At home, I put the pacifiers in similar containers without the lid on them. I usually have the pacifiers in different locations around my house handy. For instance, next to my bedside, baby’s crib, baby’s pack n play, side table next to couch where I sit and extras in kitchen cabinet.

parenting hacks pin

10. Noise/sound machine

White noise work awesome in calming a baby down. There are different options of sound to use and the one that my babies liked the most was the sound of the heart beating. It comforts them and reminds them of when they were in your womb hearing your heart beat. My daughter also loves the music option, she likes to dance to the sound.

11. Poop Stain Remover

You will encounter many diaper blow outs especially in the first couple months of a newborn’s life. It is nasty but after so many diaper changes you will not get so grossed out anymore, at least I didn’t. I read from a Pinterest post on how to remove poop stain and it was the greatest thing ever I thought.

I only recently used this trick with my second baby. I honestly can’t remind how I dealt with it with my first baby, over 8 years ago. Dawn dish soap, cold water, and the sun that’s it. Put Dawn dish soap on the poop stain and scrub clothing under cold water back and forth then let it lay out in the sun for a hour or so.

You will be amazed of the outcome, the stain will be all gone! Then you throw into washing machine with rest of clothes to wash when ready.

This trick is amazing especially on my daughter’s usual light colored clothing. I am a girly girl so I bought my daughter lots of pink, lavender, and white. Even when those outfits got poop stain, the Dawn dish soap would get the stain out with a little help from the sun.

poop stain on baby's pants
no more poop stain on baby's pants

12. Easy Way to Take Off a Onesie

There will come a time when the diaper blow out is so bad that you don’t want to pull the onesie over your baby’s head to take it off. The flaps near the neck/shoulders are meant to be pulled down so you can take onesie off that way. There has been maybe one time or two when the diaper blow out was so bad that I decided to just cut the onesie off of baby and just toss it.

13. Wipe and Wait

So before you take baby’s diaper off, wipe baby’s belly a little and wait. Baby will pee once they feel a little chill. Sometimes when you take baby’s diaper off too quickly, baby will pee when you open the diaper.

The trick I learned with baby boy is that once you take off the diaper, immediately put a wash cloth on his penis so he doesn’t spray you with pee. I’ve seen that before and you wouldn’t think a small baby can reach you with their pee stream but they can. haha.

14. Diaper Yellow Line and Flaps

You don’t have to open the diaper to check if baby has peed or not anymore. The yellow line usually on most disposable diapers will change to blue when there is pee present. The flaps with Velcro that closes up the diaper also should be sealed correctly so diaper stays one.

Once you closed up the diaper remember to pull out the inner tabs all around so pee and poop doesn’t leak out. The other important thing you can do when baby has umbilical cord still attached to be careful when you close diaper up not to let it rub against baby. The front top of diaper can be folded down inward so it doesn’t irritate that area before it falls off and heals.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

15. Don’t Change Baby’s Diaper Right Away After You See Baby Pooping

Wait a few minutes before you rush over to change baby’s poop diaper. Babies usually have more than one bowel movement very close together in the newborn stages. I’ve actually witnessed more than a couple times when baby is still pushing during the diaper change. I’ve wasted brand new diapers due to fresh poop while changing baby’s diaper. Another good reason to have the new clean diaper under old one when changing the diaper.

16. Use Baby Bum Brush for Putting Cream/Petroleum Jelly on Baby for Diaper Changes

Baby bum brush is useful when you have long nails or when you don’t want greasy fingers. Before/after applying the cream/petroleum jelly with the brush I usually use a baby wipe to clean the brush.

17. Change baby’s diaper blow out over a portable changing pad

After changing a baby’s diaper blow out it may be messy. Changing baby’s diaper on a portable changing pad makes cleaning much easier. You just wipe the changing pad with disinfectant wipes, then baby wipes to clean.

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10 thoughts on “17 Best Parenting Hacks for Newborns”

  1. I also love the product Aquaphor instead of petroleum jelly for preventing rash. I buy one aquaphor for the diaper bag and one for my hands. With all this handwashing during the pandemic, Aquaphor really helps me.

    As a parent of kids with special diaper difficulties, I would also recommend calmoseptine or ilex for REALLY bad rash issues. They prevent and heal. I have used both on raw skin.

    1. Both my babies had baby eczema so I had to try the ones with least amount of ingredients…I’ll check the other recommendations for diaper rash as well. Thanks

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