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How to DIY first birthday at home

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Baby’s first birthday at home (Quarantine)

I will outline how to DIY first birthday at home photo shoot so you can make your baby’s birthday just as special. The first birthday for your baby should be extra special. It is the very first birthday your baby will experience in their life. Of course, they won’t remember any of it but they will have lots of pictures/videos to remind them later on.

It was also bitter sweet for me as I knew my baby will no longer be a little baby anymore. Ever since we got done with celebrating my daughter’s baby shower, I was already thinking about my daughter’s first birthday.

I had lots of leftover decorations and party supplies from the baby shower that I thought I could use again for her first birthday.

Ironically, a year later from her baby shower the Covid 19 pandemic hit and had the nation sheltering at home. I knew that having a big first birthday celebration for my daughter with family and friends might not happen after all.

first birthday pin

That made me very sad. I was really looking forward to celebrating my baby girl’s first birthday. I knew that I still can it would just be done with just our immediate family this time around.

One thing I knew I could still control was making my baby girl’s first birthday fun and special for her. We would of course take lots of pictures and record everything so she can watch it when she gets older.

I shop online for decorations, party supplies, and birthday outfits for my baby girl to wear for pictures. I even made her 2 different cakes for her smash cake photos. She didn’t smash neither one of the cakes, she licked a little of the whipped frosting and that was it.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

If you want to learn how to make your own smash cake at home I have an tutorial for that also. Check out how to make smash cake for baby where you can follow the easy instructions to make one yourself.

2 homemade smash cakes

The decorations and party supplies

Luckily online shopping and curbside pickup was still an option during the shelter at home order in our State. Amazon, ebay, Target, and Party City came through for all my party needs as well as some other stuff I had laying around at home. I started buying things for my daughter’s birthday about 2 months before to allow enough time for delivery of party supplies.

The location of the back drop of photo shoot was in a corner of our living room. We took out our dining room table and used that area for the photo shoot. We used a white plastic table cloth to cover up some of the other items that were in the living room next to photo shoot area.

Then I cropped the pictures that showed our couch on the right side of photo shoot area. On the floor, we placed a white flat bed sheet for baby girl to sit on and to cover our living room floor.

We actually had two different areas for the photo shoot. The day before her birthday, we took pictures of baby girl in her crib with balloons. We chose to take those pictures a day before so that we don’t overwhelm baby girl on her birthday with too many things for pictures.

I also had 3 different oneies for baby girl to wear for the photo shoot. One personalized oneie with baby girl’s name on it, one “wild one” oneie, and of course I had to get one for the quarantine situation that we are in.

how to DIY first birthday at home photo shoot
birthday girl in crib
birthday girl with cake
first birthday girl in crib photo
one quarantine birthday
custom onesie for 1st birthday

Where to purchase the decorations and supplies

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

1st Happy Birthday Confetti Balloons

Mini Things 1st First Birthday Decoration Set One High Chair Banner and One Cake Topper (Gold)

1st Birthday Crown Hat for Baby

Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Candles Number Candles

3 Pack Foil Curtains Metallic Foil Fringe Curtain for Birthday Party Photo Backdrop

I purchased all three of baby girl’s birthday outfits from ebay.

The gold “one” balloon I bought in store at Target.

The huge number 1 balloon and first birthday bouquet I purchased through Party City online for curbside pick up.

Final thoughts

Baby girl’s first birthday at home was still very special with just our family. We got to record and take lots of nice pictures at home.

Babies do tend to get overwhelmed around a lot of people so I’m kind of glad baby girl didn’t experience any of that. She was comfortable and had fun with all the balloons and decorations.

She got to play with her older brother and take some pictures as well. She got to taste whipped cream for the first time. Overall the photo shoot was a success even if she didn’t smash the cake at all… no tantrum or crying was even better.

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